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Gourd Gallery - Asian Influence
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“Oriental Butterfly Quilt”
8” pyro-engraved, water color pencil, metallic paint, varnished and embellished with satin cord and Chinese coins

“Butterfly Boxes”
6” and 8” pyro-engraved butterflies and Chinese Characters, watercolor pencils leather dye and varnish

“Asian Serenity”
10” Leather dyed with black dyed pine needles embellished with agate medallion and Coin, macramé and beads, painted inside and varnished

“Ming Tree Box”
6” pyro-engraved with metallic trim, leather dyed and varnished

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“Chinese Tiger”
6” pyro-engraved and leather dyed embellished with metallic tipped bamboo, gold beads and ball feet

“Asian Trio”
4” to 6” Basket, bowl and box embellished with Chinese characters wood burned, leather dye and metallic paint, coins, beads and bamboo handle

14” with 5 deeply carved characters, satin braid and tassels with brass coin, acrylic paint and varnished

“Love Basket, Peace Vase”
4” to 6” pyro-engraved Chinese characters, leather dye, metallic paint, bamboo handles, varnished

Prices range from $50 to $450 plus shipping.
To order your gourds and/or get pricing, call or email Tricia.

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